Weekend in pictures

The weekend in pictures:


Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

A very bold squirrel that came up to me during lunch in Regent’s Park.

An Asiatic lion in the London Zoo. Isn’t he beautiful?

A Kestrel named Solo and his keeper.
Kestrels are the only falcons that can hover in mid-air.


A day spent in Surrey watching the final instalment of the Harry Potter films and hanging out with friends.

A view from outside the pub we went to for drinks after the film.

An enormous glowing fox outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

I seem to have acquired the habit of walking across London bridges at midnight.


Three guesses where I went on Sunday…

Dr. Watson in the sitting room at the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Sunday afternoon and evening were spent promming at the Royal Albert Hall. Over a thousand performers coming together for Brian’s ‘The Gothic’, the longest symphony yet written. The choir alone consisted of over 800 singers. The phrase ‘O for a thousand tongues to sing’ has entirely new meaning for me. It was epic.

Serpa Pinta

So, I have a sinus infection. And the timing of the holidays and such mean I won’t get to see a doctor until next Friday. I suppose the NHS had to fail me eventually. But that means I’m too icky feeling to come up with a witty summary of our trip to Lisbon. Only that “Lisboa” makes me think of snakes, and there was a street named Serpa Pinta which amused me. My sense of direction proved infallible except for when we wandered off the map, but I abdicate responsibility in that case. We stopped at a mosque and Chris asked for directions in Arabic, and we were on our way again. I got sunburnt, and footsore, but otherwise it was a low-key fun holiday, and I have pictures to prove it:

Part I: Castles & Cats

Part II: Boats & Bookmen


n63654Yesterday was my day off, so I read The Day of the Owl, a semi-fictional account of the mafia by Leonardo Sciascia. I found the characters’ feigned ignorance and that half the novella was complete anonymous dialogue without any tags whatsoever tedious. Very Hemingway. I like Hemingway, but this was a bit much. I probably would have appreciated the novel better if I had known more about the mafia, or at least had seen The Godfather; as it was, I was mostly working from what I gathered from The Sparrow and Children of God (I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something not mentioned in those books…). The day was not a complete sabbath because I managed to slog through the introduction to The Regiment of Princes.

Knowing that I had much to do, my goals today were to translate half of The Wife’s Lament and read the Prologue to Regiment, roughly 2000 lines (of Middle English, to be read on the computer screen). Felicity and I went to 666 this morning and stayed there until we were done.


It was a pretty day, so to take a break I went on a walk. I like to talk to people when I’m on walks, but none of my usual contacts answered their phones, so it was a good thing I took my camera along with me as well. I was defeated by a massive depository of seaweed so I didn’t make it onto West Sands proper (I must invest in a pair of wellies)—all of the people in my picture were sensible and took the long way around. I’m pretty sure that some of the coolest cloud formations I’ve seen have been at West Sands. The sign, in case you can’t read it, says, “Danger.” The black bird sitting on it amused me. I also went to Castle Sands and almost didn’t recognize the beach: the rock ridges (“bones” as I think of them) were completely covered with sand. I hadn’t been down there with the tide out since before the massive storm a few weeks ago, so maybe that’s what did it.


Now it’s back to work until time to Skype with Kelly, and possibly Kali…

At half three we shall
speak philosophy and life;
find joy in laughter.


A picture-happy post, to make up for my lack of photos the past few days.


I took this photo of Younger Hall this morning at around 7:30 AM. The sunrise made me happy. Younger Hall is the music building, and right now I’ve got my window open and I’m listening to a symphonic band rehearse… lovely. (No really, it is.)



For everyone who did not believe me when I said that Dr Pepper was a carbonated fruit drink. (And Coca-Cola is a vegetable flavour drink. I’m serious! Felicity’s Diet Coke said so!)



I went down to Castle Sands again this afternoon to do some reading and the tide was coming in. “My” ledge is the second one from the left, the one with a patch of green on it, but today I sat on the first one to have a quick getaway if the tide came in faster than I expected. I wasn’t too worried though.


The view from said second ledge. Now you see why I don’t get much done down there. Well, I did today, because I turned so I wasn’t directly facing the horizon.

There, pictures done, Happy?

*   *   *

Latin today was once again intense. I have a week to memorize the cases and some vocabulary. Oy. And to finish reading Piers Plowman. I have tomorrow off, so it’ll be a working/errands day, and then class again on Thursday. I went to the first rehearsal today of the Renaissance Group. It’ll be hard work getting back into sight-reading but the music was fun (albeit a challenge) and I signed up to audition formally on Friday. I’m nervous!