Favourite things

The Duchess:

IMG_9264 IMG_9262


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This is my new bicycle, though I’ve had her for about a month now. She’s an electric bike and she has made my life SO much easier because I just haven’t had the same energy since my last flare up. I can actually keep up with F. now and before he moved to Oxford, we even cycled to Tentsmuir Forest — 10 miles away! The basket is new from this past week: I bought a wine crate and stained and varnished it myself. (A long project when you can only do it in bits and pieces.) F. helped drill the holes while he was here, but I did everything else. Eventually I’ll get around to getting new pannier bags, but not any time soon.

Isn’t she pretty?

Favourite things

The Easter Cat:


So named because I first met her one Easter a couple of years ago. (Though some call her ‘Princess Tripod’, which I think is rather undignified.)¬†She is both ferocious and friendly. She has three legs, but that doesn’t slow her down! I have seen her leap onto walls and chase ducks. We’ve even played tag.

Favourite things

The fog:


From one day to the next it turned from summer to winter when the haar rolled in off the sea. Although the sudden cold and damp has made me ache all over and I’m very tired, I still find it very beautiful. The transformation for clear blue skies to mysterious fog is one I will keep.

Favourite things

Strange landscapes:

IMG_8570I love how the beaches here in Scotland are a mix of expanses of smooth sand and  rocks and pools, as the bones of the earth are laid bare by the retreating sea.


Favourite things

The side chapel:

IMG_8592Somewhat hidden from view, this small chapel in All Saints is used for daily services and special occasions. Here, the lamp is always kept burning; here, the sacred elements are kept during the week, looked after by watchful angels.