Favourite things

The Duchess:

IMG_9264 IMG_9262


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This is my new bicycle, though I’ve had her for about a month now. She’s an electric bike and she has made my life SO much easier because I just haven’t had the same energy since my last flare up. I can actually keep up with F. now and before he moved to Oxford, we even cycled to Tentsmuir Forest — 10 miles away! The basket is new from this past week: I bought a wine crate and stained and varnished it myself. (A long project when you can only do it in bits and pieces.) F. helped drill the holes while he was here, but I did everything else. Eventually I’ll get around to getting new pannier bags, but not any time soon.

Isn’t she pretty?

Favourite things

My bicycle Harriet and her new basket:


Last week I bought a basket for Harriet. Every morning I am amazed at how light I feel when I put my handbag in the basket instead of wearing a back-pack. I had been pining for basket for so long, and I’m glad I finally got one! Harriet looks so pretty with her shiny new basket! 🙂

(Note the legwarmers. Yes, it’s still cold enough to wear legwarmers in April.)

Favourite things

Golden sunlight:

IMG_8059Harriet and The Donkey by the Sailing Club on a sunny afternoon. (Which wasn’t today. Today’s it’s been raining and grey and ‘orrible. Pictures like this remind me that the weather isn’t miserable all the time.)

Favourite things



Harriet and The Donkey in the snow. It had started snowing before Ash Wednesday Mass and by the end of it our bicycles were already beginning to be covered. The snow just kept coming down…. until it turned to rain in the evening and washed it all away.

New-to-me bike

This past weekend I bought a bike.

I felt like such a little kid last week when I tried it out: It had been four years since I’d last ridden a bike, so there I was, semi-wobbly, with F. running alongside to make sure I didn’t fall. But I didn’t fall, and the bike met with approval, and so when my helmet arrived in the post on Saturday, I took it as a sign to pick up the bike.

The first few times I rode it, my first inclination was to veer to ride on the right side of the rode. But of course, I live in Scotland, where one drives (and rides) on the left side of the road. I think I’ve wrapped my head around that concept now. Roundabouts are still somewhat scary… I think I’m getting used to them…

My bike is purple. Also, it needs a name. I had planned on naming it after Gawain’s horse, but that’s a boy-horse’s name and I’m pretty sure my bike is a girl. Suggestions?