WWW Wednesday

A literary spin on WIP Wednesdays.

WWW Wednesday. This meme is from shouldbereading.


To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?

The Artful Edit: On the practice of editing yourself by Susan Bell. Enlightening and encouraging thus far, and I hope it will help me to more effectively self-edit both my creative and academic writing.

• What did you recently finish reading?

At 1.00AM this morning I finished reading The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen, the sequel to The False Prince. Not as good as the first book, as tends to be the curse for seconds in trilogies, but was an enjoyable read full of foolhardy plans and swashbuckling pirates. I read it in a day and stayed up to finish it even though I had to wake up at 5.00AM to leave for the airport!

• What do you think you’ll read next?

I have The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine in my bag and I might just start it on the plane to Colorado. That is, if I don’t read ‘Formative Assessment and Self-Regulated Learning: A Model and Seven Principles of Good Feedback Practice’ by David Nichol and Debra MacFarlane-Dick, from Studies in Higher Education (2006), instead. This is the last of a series of articles I’ve been reading about university-level pedagogy to help me write a teaching philosophy statement for job applications. Surprisingly, I’ve found some of them to be not as dry as I expected them to be and actually quite interesting.

WIP: Glass-blowing (sort-of)

This week’s WIP: Applying for jobs. This requires a lot of tea.


If I ever get in a position in which I can influence the content on a university department’s web page, I would include a “fast facts” page that includes which of the many faculty in the department is Head of School or Chair of the Department. Then maybe it will catch on and other universities will do it, too, and thus save poor job searchers from having to visit every single faculty profile page in search of to whom to address their cover letter.

Applying for jobs as a just-completed-PhD also feels like being stranded on a deserted island, tossing out messages in the bottles you’ve taught yourself how to make into the sea and hoping someday one will be picked up. And in the meantime, you keep at your forge, glass-blowing bottles because you’ve got sand and time to spare, and maybe, just maybe, someone will appreciate your glass-blowing abilities.

WIP: Teal & Grey Blanket

This week’s WIP is a teal and grey blanket:


A friend of a friend was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I said I would knit her a lap blanket. She is being treated for it and the prognosis is really good. In fact, she’ll probably finish her course of treatment before I finish the blanket. I hope she’ll like the blanket anyway!

The pattern is a 2×2 rib loosely based off of the Wayside Motor Rug from Patons and Baldwins’ Specialty Book No. 102. I’m using US #7 size needles on a long circular and Elsebeth Lavold’s Cable Cotton yarn. I chose to use 100% cotton yarn because it is soft, washable, and wouldn’t irritate skin made sensitive by chemo treatments. The colors are grey (#22) and teal (#23). Teal is the color for ovarian cancer awareness and support, as pink is for breast cancer (and blue and purple is for RA).

Needless to say, I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who, and will watch quite a bit more before I finish!


WIP: Fluffy Brioche Blanket

2Photo on 2014-05-07 at 17.46

This is the second time I’ve started this blanket. I had started it a month or so ago, but set it aside to work on another knitting project. Unfortunately, that other project needs more yarn, which didn’t arrive in time for me to take it with me to work on during my trip to Thailand and New Zealand. (Oh yes, I’m traveling right now! Hadn’t mentioned that yet.)

So, I picked up this project again, saw that it had gone wonky in one section, and subsequently unraveled and restarted it. What you see in the photo here is what I knit during the four films I watched on our flight from Denver to Tokyo.

The pattern is Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket from The Purl Bee. I’m using Queensland Collection Pima Fresca, which I got for a steal from Tuesday Morning. It doesn’t have an intended recipient yet — I just love knitting with cotton and this was a pattern I had been wanting to try, so I am. Isn’t it lovely? I’m curious to see how the colours play out over the whole blanket.

WIP Wednesday

I’ve decided to start posting ‘Works in Progress’ (or WIPs) on Wednesdays. I do like alliteration. These may be sporadic and also, sometimes, by the time I post the picture the project in question may have progressed even further.

Today’s feature is: My Office.

The front room of my parents’ house used to be my bedroom. Since moving out to go to college, etc. quite a while ago, it became Jewely’s room (even if it did still house half of my library). Needless to say, when we started work on turning it into my library/office/sitting room, Jewely had to inspect and supervise.

IMG_9991Jewely giving her approval of the colour chosen for the accent wall.

Unfortunately, my RA kept me from contributing as much to the painting process as I wanted, so I am very grateful to my parents for taking on the task of painting the room. I managed to paint the bookcases. I also helped with the trim and assisted Jewely with ‘supervising’.

IMG_0041Jewely ‘helping’ by holding down the contact paper.
She also ‘killed’ a wayward strip that was going to attack me. So she said.

I put clear contact paper on the book shelves to reduce shelf-wear on the books, as the shelves are solid wood. Already the shelves are beginning to be populated with books, there is a nice reading chair and equally nice lamp in a corner, and the desk is set with a nice view out the window. The rest of my library from the UK should arrive on Friday. In the meantime, I think I’ll keep settling in. ‘Completed’ pictures will come in due course.