flowers in my window

My flat only has one window, but Willow loves to sit by it nonetheless and watch my neighbors come and go. She also loves birds and I’ve hung up a bird feeder outside for Willow’s entertainment. Except, the birds will only feed at the feeder when Willow isn’t sitting on the windowsill, somewhat defeating the purpose of putting it there.

img_20170304_150852_011Q: How could I make it so that she could see the birds without them seeing her?

A: Put plants in front of the window, enough to screen her somewhat from the birds but without completely blocking the view — and, it would add some color and charm to my flat’s exterior.

Buying a window box large enough for my window (4 ft.) was outside of my budget and building one outside my resources of time, energy, and tools (I don’t have a saw). But I do have a number of flower pots and a bit of ingenuity. My parents visited this week, and my dad put up a shelf under my window when I was having a bad RA day. My mom and I went to the plant nursery and selected part-shade or part-sun suitable flowers, since the window only gets some direct sunlight in the afternoons.

Because I live in a ground-floor flat in a complex, I took some precautions to deter thieves from walking off with my flower pots. All of the pots I used for the window display have drainage holes in the bottom, through which I looped a string of chain around a stick. The ends of the chains go through holes I drilled into the shelf and are then connected to the other chains. Each pot has its own piece of chain so that I can remove the pots as needed without having to break the chain, the shelf, or a pot. Sure, a determined thief can figure out how to undo the chains to take a pot, but the average thief wants an easy steal and isn’t likely to have the tools on hand or the time to take a pot that’s been chained down.

I’ve never had much luck at keeping flowers alive for any length of time. I hope this time is an exception!

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