top of the ninth

Fenway Park 2010

Baseball: how the stadium catches its breath the half-second before the pitch, the crack of the bat, the hot summer air, the cheers from the crowd as the batter runs and the other players vie to catch the ball in time to get him out. It might seem like college football or basketball are now the great American pastimes, but for me, it’s still baseball. One of my favourite memories of visiting friends in Boston is getting to go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Fenway Park.

For Lola, Fenway Park is familiar, though still loved; for me, it was the first time I got to see my favourite teams play live. (The Red Sox, of course. Why did you even need to ask?) I am not the type of fan to follow every transfer, deal, and score, but I do enjoy watching a good game. After living abroad for nearly six years, I often feel that I am American only by virtue of my passport. And yet my enjoyment of baseball is perhaps the most “American” about my wandering heart, and that is a pleasure I will own gladly.

Photo: The Boston Red Sox vs. The New York Yankees in Fenway Park, Boston, MA.

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