here, now: the new yorker

New Yorker Breakfast

Upon moving to North Texas, I soon learned that a perk of having a PhD is that I get offered reduced subscription to certain magazines, such as The New Yorker. One of my housemates subscribed to The New Yorker when I was in university and I enjoyed reading them when she was finished, though I couldn’t afford to subscribe to it myself once we had parted ways. A couple of months ago, however, I received an offer from The New Yorker addressed to “Dr. Chera ——” with a note saying:

“In order to guarantee that we reach the audience we are meant to serve, the Publisher has authorized us to offer The New Yorker to selected professionals at a special rate.”

I was initially hesitant to subscribe, knowing it to be a weekly magazine, but I haven’t regretted the $25.00 I paid for a six-month subscription. On mornings I don’t have to rush off to teach, I take a leisurely breakfast and read an article or book review, sometimes letting my tea go cold. The issues have piled up and I am “behind” with reading them, but even so, The New Yorker offers well-written and sophisticated reading material that keeps me up to date with current events and culture when otherwise I mostly read first-year university essays.

I’ve since received similar offers from The New York Review of Books and The Economist, and I am sorely tempted by both. And yet the latter is another weekly magazine, and because it is about politics and international news, I would hate not to keep up with reading it each week. I would love to have a schedule with which I could spend the mornings reading The New Yorker, the evenings reading The Economist, and the weekends perusing The New York Review of Books (as well as time for research and creative writing!), but I don’t. I might just stick with The New Yorker for now.

Photo: The New Yorker at breakfast.