light in water


Several years ago, I lived in Barcelona, Spain, and although I didn’t live there for very long, I can still remember being intensely lonely. There were several contributing factors: my host family was a single woman in her sixties, most of my classmates were high school students when I was in college, and so on. The only contact I had with “home,” my friends and family in the U.S., was during the one hour of Internet that I paid for almost every day at an Internet café a couple of blocks away from my piso. I would go in the evening so that I could catch my friends during their lunch breaks. When I left, it would be that perfect time in the evening when the sunlight turns what it touches into gold. Although I would be a little sad that my time to talk to friends was over, I still found beauty in the place where I was. One of my favourite things to see was the sunlight catch in the fountain at the end of the street. I looked forward to seeing it nearly every day.

Photo: A fountain in Nou Barris district, Barcelona, Spain.