smallness in the universe


One thing I love about cathedrals is their columns and arches. These sculpted columns of stone hold the domed or vaulted roof far above our heads, creating inside a space that is marked off,┬áset apart from the outside world. The space inside these walls is, for the most part, quiet and still. Visitors stepping inside will hush their voices, look up, around. The grandest of these cathedrals remind one of one’s smallness in the universe; not that we are insignificant, but that we are one among many important and wondrous things.

Is this what you experience when you enter a cathedral? Which cathedral has made you feel this way? For me, the one that humbled me most is Duomo di Milano, the cathedral in Milan, Italy. I was awestruck when I saw those towering columns, like a forest of stone built by giants. How could human hands have made such a thing? I was too enraptured to even try taking a photograph, but I remain in awe of the memory of it.

Photo: Arches in Winchester Cathedral, England.