stepping on board


To those of you just tuning in and to those who have migrated here from Memoirs of a Vagabond: welcome!

I’ve been blogging well over a decade now. I started blogging before it was a “thing”, when Lola, our friends Danielle and Priscilla, and I launched Underneath the Dogwood in 2002, which was later re-branded Hard Soap. My first personal blog was at LiveJournal, as a Christmas gift from Lola in 2003. But my first, real, grown-up, public blog was Memoirs of a Vagabond, launched in 2008. Memoirs of a Vagabond served its purpose for seven (7!) years, but I’ll be honest with you: I never really liked the title.

Sure, the title captured what I was going for, but it never really jived with me. I found it hard to be inspired by, which could be evident from the times it fell dormant.

I spent January seriously considering the future of my blogging career. I argued for and against leaving the blogosphere entirely; when I finally decided to stay, I also resolved to find a new title, one that actually does what Memoirs of a Vagabond was meant to do. Cue more soul-searching, dictionary-reading, flipping through Shakespeare and Chaucer and reading lots of Emily Dickinson poems. Then, I thought of a compass, which made me think of the compass rose, then the four winds, then The Wind’s Twelve Quarters by Ursula K. Le Guin, the title of which was inspired by A. E. Housman’s “A Shropshire Lad,” part of which you will find quoted on my About page.

And that, my dear readers, is how The Twelve Winds was born. On this blog you will find photographs from my travels around the world and, for each photograph, a description: a memory, a fact, musings, or short fiction. The goal is to get me writing again so that, eventually, I can return to my fictional endeavours–and, in the meantime, share some of my travelling stories you might not have heard before.

So step on board, and enjoy reading these notes from the wind’s twelve quarters!

Photo: Woman with red shoes stepping onto a tram in Warsaw, Poland.