Books & TV in 2014

Yes, I know, I stopped posting my monthly “Books read in ___” sometime back in August. It hasn’t been a great year for reading fiction–too much movement, other demands on my mind, etc. I read something like fifty books this year, the list you can see here: Books Read in 2014. I’m sure that if I hadn’t had to read at least 2,000 pages of student writing I would have read far more books this year than I did.

You might notice a few odd books on this list–The Encyclopedia of the CatBirds of the Carolinas–I’ve found that nature books are good reading for nights I can’t sleep because of anxiety.

But, for the most part, I’ve been getting my storytelling from television. It’s been a year in which all of my mental spoons have been going to work and day-to-day life; as a result, I haven’t had any mental spoons left to get my fiction from books. Let me know declare my shameless enjoyment of:

  • Fringe (5 seasons) — Fringe/weird science meets FBI procedural, plus alternate universes and time travel. Set in Boston and NYC. Strong female lead and great characters.
  • Doctor Who (8 seasons)– Adventures with a madman in a blue box. Classic “monster of the week” episodes, but very fun and sometimes very serious. Set in all of time and space. You can’t go wrong with the Doctor. (And I’m so glad Clara is staying with Twelve for another season!)
  • Torchwood (4 seasons) — spin-off, sort of, from Doctor Who. Strange science, similar to Fringe, but with aliens and British humour. Set in Cardiff. The third season/mini-series is a magnificent piece of science-fiction.
  • Continuum (3 seasons) — Time travel and conspiracies meet police procedural. Interesting storytelling because the characters you sympathise with might not be the good guys, but they are dynamic characters, too. Set in Vancouver and also has a strong female lead.

And here is my dilemma: I’m two episodes away from finishing season three of Continuum and the fourth season isn’t released yet. What show do I watch next? If you haven’t guessed, my “type” of show is a sci-fi (not supernatural) procedural with a female lead and good character development and dynamic. I’m not into the whole “discovering secret superpowers thing” either (yes, that was in Fringe, but it was at the end of season one). Netflix suggests Alphas and Warehouse 13, but I don’t know anyone who’s seen them to be sure.

Any recommendations for a show à la Fringe or Continuum? Or knows how or where I can catch up on Castle?

6 thoughts on “Books & TV in 2014

  1. Faith says:

    Isaac and I enjoyed Warehouse 13 a lot (but, as a disclaimer, I wasn’t quite as fond of Fringe). The acting isn’t superb, but the adventures are enjoyable and lighthearted. A good female lead, (though there’s also a strong supporting female that I like more) and some character development (not tons, but some). I think Isaac has seen Alphas, but can’t remember what he said/thought.


    • Chera says:

      Thanks, Faith! My parents also said they enjoyed Warehouse 13 and that it is more lighthearted. I might give it a go. I’d like to hear what Isaac thinks about Alphas.

      I’m toying with trying X-files, but I’m afraid of it being super dated by now. I like my sci-fi to be shiny (with the exception of Star Trek: The Original Series).


  2. Faith says:

    Isaac says he only watched one episode of Alphas, but that it looked as if it could be interesting. Sorry not to be more helpful! Hope you will keep us posted on what you find!


    • Chera says:

      No I haven’t; I’ll have to look it up. I watched the first episode of Alias tonight–not sci-fi, I know, but it’s one of J. J. Abrams’ shows–and I’m intrigued.


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