Autumn, Part 3: Thanksgiving

November was bookended by two holidays: Guy Fawkes at the beginning of the month and Thanksgiving at the end. For the past several years it’s been “tradition” to spend Thanksgiving at with my brother and his family in South Carolina. (I put “tradition” in quotes because the last time I had Thanksgiving in the U.S. in 2007. My parents spend Thanksgiving in South Carolina, which means I do, too.)

I was eager to go to South Carolina because it had been a couple of years since I last saw my brother and his family and I had a new niece to meet, too. I’m afraid my nieces and nephews don’t know me very well — one of the downsides to living abroad.

Holidays with this side of the C family always appear a bit chaotic. How couldn’t it with at least five adults and at least nine children? (I say “at least” because sometimes my sister-in-law’s family is there, too.) But it also means there is never a dull moment. Between board games, reading books aloud, dancing to Disney soundtracks, and of course, eating, there is always something going on.

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My eldest niece is now a teenager and she’s taller than I am. My second-eldest nephew is a avid reader and we talked books. I braided another niece’s hair (she had Frozen on her mind). I did puzzles and talked about monsters with my youngest nephew. Another nephew built a Dalek King out of Magformers. And a whole lot more.*

Tune in for the final installment of Autumn tomorrow.


* Including my three youngest nieces and nephews giving me their colds, which, for me, became an awful case of sinusitis. I can’t hear very well and I can’t breathe out of my nose. My students today were more cooperative than ever out of sympathy. I guess I don’t hide my misery very well.

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