It might seem like I have only been teaching this semester, and while that has been most of what I do, it hasn’t been all that I have done this Autumn. I even have the pictures to prove it.

So, as we transition into Winter, let me finally post my pictures of Autumn.

Autumn, Part 1: #smithieswed

#smithieswed was the hashtag used for everything related to the Arellano-Fryer wedding. It was a play on #smithieslead — which I don’t know what was used for, but both Lola and Crystal went to Smith College, so I got the connection. When it came to be late-October, I went to Sudbury, Massachusetts for Lola and Crystal’s wedding. I arrived a couple of days early, which meant catching up with the brides, apple picking, and spending a lot of time with Lola’s extended family (if Lisa can be a Tia, can I be a cousin?). The wedding itself was at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t have any pictures of the wedding itself, considering that I was a bridesmaid, and most of my pictures from the reception didn’t come out well because of the lighting (I’m looking forward to seeing the official photographer’s photos). But it was artful and beautiful, a wonderful blend of traditions — Mexican, New English, and even Jewish. I’d never been to a wedding with so much live music: a string quartet for the ceremony, a mariachi band to serenade the wedding party during photos, and a jazz band at the reception.

And in all honesty, even though Lola and Crystal might have been terrified, the Hora was the best spontaneous wedding moment ever.

hora brides flying high
(These photos are taken from the #smithieswed Instagram feed. I was dancing in one of the circles, of course.)
As Lola put it: “I always wanted the Hora at my wedding but never thought I could. Then the Jewish side of my family revolted!”

Autumn, Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

One thought on “#smithieswed

  1. Lola says:


    #smithieslead is the hashtag they use whenever an alum or student does something notable. Sometimes I use it ironically when my life is mundane or otherwise feels undistinguished 😉 #smithieswed mostly grew out of that irony, but we both loved paying tribute to the place where we met. Especially since our new last name is a mouthful for a hashtag!

    You are definitely a cousin. Facebook says so.


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