I am busy

Dear readers — that is, if I still have any. Hello? Is anyone there?

You’ve probably been wondering that about me. My excuse for not blogging is a good one: I have moved to a new city and started a new job that has me running around, half-forgetting my brain when I walk out the door.

So this is what a typical week looks like:

Wake up at 7.30 AM. Out of the house by 9.00 AM, if not before (preferably before). Arrive at campus 7 minutes later and find a parking space.* Teach from 9.30-10.50; Office hours, lunch, teach again from 1.00-2.20; Office hours again. Home shortly after 4.00 PM. Take a nap, eat leftovers (or something) for dinner. Bach Society Choir Rehearsal from 7.00-9.30 PM (though we sometimes get let out early). Home, then sleep.

Wake up at 8.30 AM. Housework/grading/class prep in the morning. Scrounge something together for lunch. Skype with Ros if I’m lucky. In the office typically by 3.00 PM. Teach from 4.30-5.50. Wrap up things in the office so that I’m prepared for Wednesday, then home and dinner. Evening usually consists of class prep, grading, or watching TV to let my brain decompress. Bed by 10.30 PM.

Repeat Monday, without the choir rehearsal. Depending on the week, I might drive an hour to one of the nearby towns for training at an SAT College Prep center, where I will eventually teach. If so, home by 9 PM, and bed.

Repeat Tuesday. No class prep in the evening though: Thursday night is my Friday night. PJs, something easy for dinner, and watching Doctor Who several days late.

Slow day. Which consists of meal planning, grocery shopping, job hunting, lesson planning, grading, and housework.

Wake up at 8.00 AM. Spend the morning training at one of the SAT College Prep centers, and maybe a bit in the afternoon, too. If possible, drive to McKinney and see Kelly. If not, drive home, where — you guessed it — lesson planning and grading awaits.

If my body allows me, church from 10.30-11.30. Then lunch, and then a feeble attempt to do work but usually I fall asleep instead. I might watch Doctor Who tonight instead. Review my lesson plans for Monday, and then bed by 10.30 PM.

Then repeat all over again! Oh, and add a bit of an RA flare-up (or rather more than a bit), because spoons? Who needs spoons?

With 60+ students who won’t do any work unless I grade them for it, I’ve ended up with a lot of grading. I’m also teaching two courses (Comp I and II) I’ve never taught before, which means a lot of class prep.

This week is even busier! Let’s add these to the mix:

  • Serve on a Fulbright interview committee that will interview a Fulbright applicant Tuesday morning;
  • Have all three of your classes hand in their first major assignment this week;
  • Have a faculty meeting on Friday morning;
  • Attend the Texas Medievalist Association annual conference from Friday-Saturday, during which you are also presenting a paper which you haven’t finished yet.

This is life at the moment. So, until next time…


* Now that it is finally getting cooler, I intend to start cycling to work soon — as energy allows.

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