Labor Day, or, Day of Rest

A four-day weekend was a reward for surviving my first week of teaching. Classes meet only on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday, which means I have Fridays free. Add to that Labor Day, and I have an extra long weekend to recover and rest from a very tiring, but successful week.

As I expected, my students asked where I was from in each of their respective first classes. One group of students thought they were being especially clever. This was my favourite exchange:

Student 1: “Are you English?”
Me: “Is that where you think I’m from?”
Students 1 and 2: “Where are you from?”
Me: “Someone else has already started to guess, so I can’t give you the answer yet. You’ll have to guess too.”
Student(s) 1-4: “Are you from England? or Scotland? Australia? Ireland?”
Me: “Possibly.”
Student 1: “Do you speak another language?”
Me: “Yes.”
Student 1: “Say hello.”
Me: “Hello?”
Student 1: “Yes, say hello in the other language.”
Me: “What if I speak more than one other language?”
Student(s): … (mystified)
Me: “I think you need to be focusing on your [group exercise] now, don’t you think?”

Needless to say, I didn’t tell them, and if any of students ask again, I have a list of clues prepared for them…

By the end of the week I finally had a university username, an e-mail account, a faculty I.D. card, and access to Web Advisor (for rosters, attendance, and grading), and to Blackboard. Now I can finally start building my class materials on Blackboard and fielding student emails! But I am glad for the extra long weekend, as it’s given me a much needed break that I haven’t had since getting hired.


IMG_1138 IMG_1136 IMG_1137

One of the things that is nice about living in North Texas is that I live closer to my friends in Oklahoma. Megan came down for the weekend and we had a nice lazy time: wandering around downtown, eating pancakes, and settling in a bit more into my flat. With her help, I acquired a drill and put up curtains in my living room and bedroom. Bit by bit my flat is becoming more like home.

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