Belated newsflash

I have a job.

I was called up to North Texas last week for an interview at a state university, and must have done something right, as I was offered teaching on the spot. Not quite the long, drawn-out job-search full of rejection that I was expecting. Orientation is next week, the first day of class is 25th August, and I have two different courses to prep for. I also have to find a flat. In addition to employment, North Texas offers fine society: game nights with the Ledbetters, et al. beckon, as do weekend hiking adventures with the Spiveys.

Ros was visiting the last few days (calloo, callay!) and she helped me sort out my teaching wardrobe — since most of my “smart” clothes and outfits were compiled in a much colder climate. We also did quite a bit of exploring, but now I must turn my mind to packing — again.

Thank goodness for the A-train, DART, and Megabus,* as I’ll be going to and fro from North to South Texas quite a bit these days!


* Yes, Virginia, Texas DOES have public transportation.

4 thoughts on “Belated newsflash

  1. Chera says:

    Thank you, Elise and Faith! The department seems really friendly and supportive of newly-minted PhDs getting started with their careers, which is very exciting. I’ve got a conference at UNT and a public lecture with TWU’s “Professor’s Corner” at the public library already lined up. It looks like my schedule will be amenable to continue research as well. After almost a year of one horrible thing after another, this comes as much-welcomed good news!


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