Vivat academia!

Today I graduated with a Ph.D. in English from the University of St Andrews.


That, my friends, entitles me to be addressed as Dr. and to wear a vibrant shade of blue.

IMG_0399It was a joyous day indeed that I got to graduate with both of my medieval office mates, Jen and Claire. (Of course, now we’ll be competing for jobs. Hm.)

IMG_0398 IMG_0413

With my parents in St Salvator’s Quad and later recreating a photo I took when I graduated with a Master of Letters (MLitt) from St Andrews.

The ceremony was nice and I enjoyed graduating with fellow English postgraduates and seeing a couple of servers from All Saints and a friend from the Renaissance Singers graduate with their undergraduate degrees. It seemed like I knew almost a fourth of the academic procession (the academics who sat on the stage), which helped make a formal ceremony feel more personal.

Some student wore kilts, others wore traditional Norwegian clothing, and I, too, wore a bit of ‘national dress’. Once we were outside, I changed into blue cowgirl boots.


Take that, Patrick Hamilton! (What am I talking about? Read here.)

So there it is. I’ve been tapped by the beretum, congratulated by family, friends, and strangers, received lots of comments about my boots, been stopped on the street to be thanked and congratulated for my wonderful thesis title, and eaten a lot of cake. It has been a long, exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable day. Thank you St Andrews.


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