WIP Wednesday

I’ve decided to start posting ‘Works in Progress’ (or WIPs) on Wednesdays. I do like alliteration. These may be sporadic and also, sometimes, by the time I post the picture the project in question may have progressed even further.

Today’s feature is: My Office.

The front room of my parents’ house used to be my bedroom. Since moving out to go to college, etc. quite a while ago, it became Jewely’s room (even if it did still house half of my library). Needless to say, when we started work on turning it into my library/office/sitting room, Jewely had to inspect and supervise.

IMG_9991Jewely giving her approval of the colour chosen for the accent wall.

Unfortunately, my RA kept me from contributing as much to the painting process as I wanted, so I am very grateful to my parents for taking on the task of painting the room. I managed to paint the bookcases. I also helped with the trim and assisted Jewely with ‘supervising’.

IMG_0041Jewely ‘helping’ by holding down the contact paper.
She also ‘killed’ a wayward strip that was going to attack me. So she said.

I put clear contact paper on the book shelves to reduce shelf-wear on the books, as the shelves are solid wood. Already the shelves are beginning to be populated with books, there is a nice reading chair and equally nice lamp in a corner, and the desk is set with a nice view out the window. The rest of my library from the UK should arrive on Friday. In the meantime, I think I’ll keep settling in. ‘Completed’ pictures will come in due course.

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