Old and New

Last week, my dear 2008 Macbook Pro died of a faulty logic board. Caspian, as it was called, was a faithful computer. During its six years of life it traveled the world and produced a PhD thesis, a master’s dissertation, six novels, and countless essays, and emails. It was used for Skype at least two or three times a week, if not more, for several of those years, and it watched countless episodes from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and various films. It was well used.

The guy at the Apple Store called Caspian “vintage”. And yes, compared to my new (refurbished) Macbook Pro, Caspian does appear to be quite hipster.

IMG_0047IMG_0049 IMG_0045

Left: TARDIS, Right: Caspian

My new computer is a 13″ Macbook Pro from late 2013. Practically new! I downgraded in size due to weight and affordability, but even so I upgraded enormously: Retina display, flash disk drive, four times as much RAM as I had before. I am already amazed by how light, sleek, fast, and silent it is.

And so, being as I am a newly minted Doctor, may I introduce to you the TARDIS. It truly is bigger on the inside. What adventures shall we have together?

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