Dear Universe

The day after I arrived back in the United States, an antique mirror fell off of a rather tall dresser and hit me in the head. I suffered a mild concussion.

During the subsequent two weeks, I banged and bruised my elbows, knees, and shins against various items of furniture as I am not used to this house.

The first weekend of April, my mom and I held a garage sale. During the packing up of said garage sale, I dropped a table on my foot, resulting in a very painful, all-black-and-purple bruised toe.

And today, in desperation to ride any bike while still waiting for my bike to arrive, I did a test run on my dad’s bike and fell on the dismount. Because his is a mens’ bike and I automatically dismounted as if it were a ladies’ bike. While getting ice to put on my knee and ankle, a piece of ice falls out of the freezer and stabs my other foot, breaking the skin.

Universe, I’m getting tired of this. Please stop throwing injuries at me every time I try to make a step forward.

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