Rain, rain…

Go away!

I mean it. The UK has been battered by some pretty rough weather as of late. Southern England has been the hardest hit, but it’s still pretty awful up here in Scotland. There was a major storm that toppled trees and flooded rivers and villages in England in late October. Then a tidal surge that was the largest in 60 years wreaked havoc on the coasts in early December. And since Christmas, the UK has been hit by storm after storm off the Atlantic, with more tidal surges, and it’s forecast to continue into mid-January. Seriously, we’ve had about 20 days and nights of rain already. Another 20 more and we might all be flooded away.

Luckily there hasn’t been any flooding in my area and the rain is more of a nuisance than causing any real harm. I’d like to go outside and run errands without having to strap weights to my boots to keep from blowing away. I’m still a desert girl at heart and I don’t know what to do with so much rain. But I am concerned about the areas down south, where the land is so saturated with water already that it can’t absorb any more rain. Which leads to flooding.

My parents left this morning and I have plenty of things to do around the house to keep me busy, so I’ll postpone any ventures outside until tomorrow when I have to go to work. I hope those of my British readers in the UK are staying safe, dry, and warm.

* Yes, I’ve written an entire post concerning the weather. I’ve lived in the UK for half a decade, okay?

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