The Cat Who Came for Lunch

It was such a beautiful day that my parents and I took a leisurely walk along the sea on our way home after church. It was the first time in a couple of months since I had been to the sea, and it sun and the waves and the blue blue expanse of the sea was so calming to behold. Of course, I was exhausted by the time we got home, as my energy is still very low these days.

But as we walked up to my house, we were surprised by a black and white cat who I have never seen before. It was quite fat and friendly, and, well, we invited it inside for part of the afternoon. We kept the cat in the sitting room and kitchen, where it made itself quite at home…

IMG_9355 IMG_9357

IMG_9359It was so nice to have a purring, friendly, companionable feline in the house for a while. A cat truly is the soul of a home. We did set it outside again eventually, but I’m glad it chose to grace us with its presence for an afternoon. I wonder if it will come back to visit?

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