Little bears

Between the late sunrises, depression, and my own body clock, mornings have been increasingly difficult the past few weeks. Often I would get into the office in the late morning or at lunchtime and work into the evening. My mom would keep me company in my office in the evenings, after my office mates had left, the last week of editing and proofreading of my thesis, and she always made me leave the office before her when we left for the day.

IMG_9298 IMG_9300

(As always, click photos to enlarge.)

The next morning I would find a little bear with a note hidden somewhere around my desk. Then, on the morning I was going to submit my thesis, I found that my bedroom had been invaded…

IMG_9296…by miniature gingerbread men! That was certainly a surprise. Apparently my mom had conspired with one of the ladies at church to get the little gingerbread men and put them around to cheer me up.

it’s strange how one can complete and hand in a project that took four years (and a bit more) of work. I don’t quite feel celebratory — relieved, yes, that I finally finished and before my deadline, too. Just exhausted.

Besides, it feels odd to be celebrating when there’s still the viva (defense, for my non-UK friends) to come in a few months’ time. But maybe I will feel more celebratory once I’ve slept and rested a bit more…

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