Leave of Absence


Dear Readers,

Whether you are a long time reader or have just visited my blog, it won’t take you long to learn that I am a PhD student. I have written about the PhD process over the past few years and you will see that it is both a pleasure and a challenge. This latter part is especially the case now as I am in the final months of finishing my PhD thesis (‘dissertation’ to Americans).

I used to write book reviews, post recipes, pictures of favourite things about the place I live, updates about life, the news, anything. And you will have noticed that these things have trickled to a stop over the last few months. Anything that I feel ‘responsible’ for that isn’t absolutely necessary to life is being put on pause for the next couple of months, both online and offline.

So this post is to say that I am taking a Leave of Absence from this blog. Please be patient and check back in December.

Because I know some of my readers will be wondering, here are a few ideas if you want to know how to help me in the meantime: Please pray that I will have good health and energy and that my arthritis won’t flare up again. (This is very important. I suffer from headaches and fatigue enough that I don’t need my arthritis to flare up again, too.) Pray that what I need will be in the libraries I will be visiting and that I won’t have delays in doing last minute research. Pray that I won’t get too seasonally depressed by the coming dark, cold Scottish winter. And if you’re not the praying sort, then words of encouragement will help me a lot. If you’re someone who knows my actual snail mail address, then care packages with snacks and things that will make me happy will be most welcome. Thank you.

See you on the other side!

Kind regards,

2 thoughts on “Leave of Absence

  1. Lola says:

    Dearest Chera,
    I’m sorry we haven’t spoken too much in the past few weeks– the coupling of your PhD race to the finish and my adjusting to a brand-new program, with an added dash of our newly different time zones, I know. But please know I am thinking of you and praying for you daily! <3.33333333


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