You might have noticed I’ve stopped writing book reviews. And posting recipes. Or posting generally. I assure you I am alive, and that I am reading and eating. F., and now my mom, who is visiting, has been doing most of the cooking the past few weeks. I have been taking pictures of F.’s meals but have yet to get them blog-ready. Eventually.

And I stopped writing book reviews because it had started to become a chore. I wanted to enjoy the book I was reading, without feeling like I had to rush to finish it by Sunday in order to write a review of it. So I stopped, and reading has been more enjoyable. I do still want to talk about books though, so maybe the reviews will appear again. Eventually.

I never know how to classify magical realism. Is it fantasy? Is it literary fiction? Both? I’ve been reading more magical realism lately and I find that I like it, even if it does leave me asking questions. Where did the girl come from in The Snow Child? I’ve been thinking of writing a sample syllabus of a class on magical realism. I’ll write it — Eventually.

First things first: finish the Thesis.

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