Just plain tired

It doesn’t matter if I get “enough” sleep. I’m still tired during the day. Why?

  • Allergies make me tired.
  • Anxiety makes me tired.
  • Borderline anaemia makes me tired.
  • Chronic sinus infections make me tired.
  • Hypothyroidism makes me tired
  • Rheumatoid arthritis makes me tired.

Even some of the medications treating these various ailments make me tired.

I strictly don’t drink any caffeine after 5PM, and I only have 1-3 cups of tea a day anyway. I can’t drink coffee because it makes me sick to my stomach. Sodas are too sugary for me (and too chemical-y). I take a complex B vitamin daily anyway because of my mostly-vegetarian diet. I’m not a fan of naps because they tend to just make me really groggy. Taking a walk outside helps only so long that I’m outside (and away from pollinating plants).

Yes, I know: I work a lot. Being a PhD student and having a part time job is exhausting. Maybe if I worked less I’d be less tired… that’s the Holy Grail for once I submit my thesis, anyway!

I think I’ve been complaining of chronic tiredness since I was age 13. This is just another round to that age-old complaint. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just plain tired

  1. Megan Maddox says:

    Sorry to hear this, my friend. Try to at least let yourself relax every week… or everyday.. even if you’re tired. Take time occasionally to do something, listen to something that’s really soothing. Love you.


    • Chera says:

      Thanks, Meg. I do already: hanging out with Felix is relaxing, and I always have a fun book on hand to read. I’ve enjoyed sitting out in the garden these days to read in the sunshine. I could make more of an effort to do mindfulness/relaxation exercises though.


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