World Traveller

A friend of mine said it was “hardly hyperbole to say that [I’ve] been everywhere in Europe”. I was curious to see how true this claim was, so I found an interactive world map. For good measure, I did one for the U.S. too.

U.S.A.: I’ve lived in four states and have been to 29 states total.


Looks like I need to do a road trip across the northern U.S. to get the rest of those states!

The world: I’ve lived in 3 countries and have been to 17 countries total.


There are 50 countries in Europe and I have been to 14 of them. We can safely say that I have been to most of Western Europe. I want to visit northern, central, and eastern Europe, too, though! I wonder when?

And well, let’s not get started on the continents I haven’t even stepped onto yet. My new passport has extra pages in it and I intend to use them!

4 thoughts on “World Traveller

  1. Lola says:

    We have the same northern states left to visit in the US! And if you end up doing the Middlebury program, we can make sure you get to the rest of New England, too 🙂


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