World Traveller

A friend of mine said it was “hardly hyperbole to say that [I’ve] been everywhere in Europe”. I was curious to see how true this claim was, so I found an interactive world map. For good measure, I did one for the U.S. too.

U.S.A.: I’ve lived in four states and have been to 29 states total.


Looks like I need to do a road trip across the northern U.S. to get the rest of those states!

The world: I’ve lived in 3 countries and have been to 17 countries total.


There are 50 countries in Europe and I have been to 14 of them. We can safely say that I have been to most of Western Europe. I want to visit northern, central, and eastern Europe, too, though! I wonder when?

And well, let’s not get started on the continents I haven’t even stepped onto yet. My new passport has extra pages in it and I intend to use them!