Home again

Choir tour in Italy was lovely. Wonderful. Fun and a much needed rest with good company and beautiful music. I’ll post about it later with photos, because both Lodi and Crema are worth visiting.

Tour was also very tiring. I used up a lot of spoons — we had long concerts, which meant standing a lot, which I didn’t really realise was as tiring as it was to do every day until yesterday when I tried to cycle to F.’s house for dinner and my legs were like jelly. So after sleeping until noon today, this is what I did for my afternoon:


A year and a half after I bought it, I finally got to use my parasol from Cyprus. (In retrospect, I should have brought it with me to Italy — it would have been well used there!) The high today was 24 C / 75 F, though it felt much warmer. It was just gorgeous to sit all afternoon in a tank top and skirt and bare feet, shaded by my parasol, reading a book. A very pleasant, relaxing way to recovery from my holiday.