Medieval Meander

Today I led a walking tour of medieval St Andrews. We started at the museum where I work and then for 1.5 hours we went to the castle, St Mary on the Rock, cathedral, Dean’s Court, Queen Mary’s House, Blackfriars, and many other sites of medieval importance that are still standing in our town. The group consisted of about twenty people, most of them retired age or older, and we had beautiful weather. Though nervous, I had a lot of fun.

About to give my talk on the cathedral. (Photo courtesy of Lola.)

About to give my talk about the cathedral. (Photo courtesy of Lola.)

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves: several people kept vying for a place next to me as we walked from place to place, asking questions, others still thanked me for an interesting tour, and my informer in the group told me that people talked about the sites I was pointing out as we walked from one place to another. All in all, I would say it was a success. I might even do it again.