Out of season

Last December I posted about a crafting project I had started using the autumn leaves F. has brought back for me from Germany. I never did write the follow-up post because it included someone’s Christmas present, and then I ran out of craft tape, but now I’ve finally finished all of the framed leaves I was going to make, so I can write about them.

After preserving the leaves with modge podge, I chose the best and prettiest leaves to frame. I ordered four sheets of A4 plexiglass from Amazon and bought four glass picture frames that were on sale at Boots. I discarded the backs of the picture frames, saving them ‘just in case’ for another project which, conveniently, I have found a purpose for (forthcoming). The glass panels are held together with craft glue, hot glue, or modge podge — I experimented to see which works best, and it’s all-purpose craft glue. The craft tape I found at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s (I can’t remember which) while in the States, and I found something similar from Bonkers here in town when I ran out. I would have preferred book linen tape, but I couldn’t find any *anywhere*. The craft tape worked out fine though.

a) Sarah's leaves b) my leaves

c)   d)

a) Sarah’s leaves; b) mine; c) F.’s grandmother’s; d) and F.’s.

Sarah’s features a leaf from Oklahoma, Scotland, and Germany. Mine and F.’s grandmother’s have leaves from Germany and Scotland, and F.’s is fully German. I have lots of leaves left over but I have put them away until I can think of something else to do with modge podge-preserved leaves.

This is an example of how long projects can take at this stage in life. My workspace for crafting is a little alcove in the sitting room and the preserved leaves lived there for about three months. I only have time to craft about an hour or so a week, if even that, so it takes a long time for any project to get done.

Anyway, although the autumn leaves are out of season now, they are still pretty.