Mango cream


Whenever F. and I have dinner together we try to have a dessert. Nothing fancy, just something sweet to finish off the meal. Since yesterday had the good news of a job interview and finishing my second penultimate-ready chapter, I bought some double cream, mango, papaya, and passion fruit yoghurt, and some mango chunks.

The problem with yoghurt is that it can be too sweet on its own, and that’s why we mix it with cream. The end result was somewhat plain looking, so I cut up the mango chunks and arranged them on top to make it look special.

Mango cream

  • double cream
  • mango, passion fruit, and papaya yoghurt
  • mango chunks

1. Whip the double cream to your preferred consistency. I like it just before it gets whipped, when it’s still liquid, but thickly so.

2. Mix in the yoghurt to taste.

3. Chop up the mango chunks into smaller chunks and mix in with the yoghurt cream. Arrange slices on top if you wish, but this is not necessary.

Simple, thicker and creamier than plain yoghurt, and delicious.