Opening line: ‘My mother thinks I’m dead.’

legend_uk_ausFloods, earthquakes, and recurrences of plague have ravaged North America. Two countries – The Republic and the Colonies – are perpetually at war. In the flooded capital of the Republic, a prodigy trains in the military, destined for a glittering career. June is put into the field early when the Republic’s most-wanted criminal breaks into a highly guarded medical facility and kills her brother during his escape. It is her job to find him. For the first time June goes into the poor districts of Los Angeles, on the hunt for the enemy of the Republic: the boy named Day. But what happens when she finds him is enough to shake her trust in the Republic, and in everything she has ever known…

Legend by Marie Lu is a new, young-adult science fiction dystopia. I had bought it last year, having found it while looking for books to fill the YA dystopian hole left in my life after finishing The Hunger Games and Chaos Walking triologies. But then I delayed reading it, skeptical, because I knew it was going to be a gamble and sometimes I’m not the gambling type. I’d bought quite a few books last year to replenish my science-fiction collection, and so far the new fiction I had tried had been duds. I was hesitant to try something new.

Which was silly of me, of course, because once I began reading Legend I was hooked. Long-time readers of this blog will know that my favourite sub-genre of science-fiction is dystopian fiction. This means that I was both inclined to like Legend but also hold it to a high standard. If this is my favourite type of book, I don’t just want it to be good, I want it to be excellent. Fortunately, Legend stood up to those expectations. I took it with me to the doctor’s office and read it while waiting at the pharmacy to pick up my medicine. I had two chapters left. It was so good that once I was given my prescription, I sat right back down and finished reading it in the pharmacy!

I am eager to read the next instalment, but am saving it as a reward until I finish the next section of my thesis. In the meantime, Legend has made me excited to read again, so I am happily skipping along to reading other books.