Snowdrops at Cambo

IMG_8089For our Monday Adventure, F. and I again went hunting for snow — and found snowdrops. Every spring Cambo Estate has a Snowdrop Festival and every year we each have missed it, so we made a point in going this year on our day off. We had to go soon, I pointed out, because the crocuses were already starting to bloom.

Cambo Estate has lots of woodland paths, a walled garden, and goes right down to the sea. I’ve never been inside the house, but the mansion is used for receptions and a B&B. We spent a couple of hours just wandering around the woodland, following the burn, and even walked across a big sturdy log that bridged the burn. It was some two metres above the water. I felt very brave.  🙂

The snowdrops carpeted the ground like… well, like snow! It was beautiful. I’m so glad we went and that it happened to be a clear, gorgeous, bright and sunny day.

IMG_8115IMG_8083   IMG_8105

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