Protein log results

The results are in and the calculations are done, and I’m surprised by the results of my food log the last three days for keeping track of how much protein I am getting in my mostly-vegetarian diet. Surprised, because I was convinced I wasn’t getting enough. I was wrong. To see the log, click ‘Continue reading…’ below.

Who knew that a 250ml glass of milk would give almost 10g of protein? Or that each slice of wholemeal bread would also have about 10g of protein? Even more surprisingly, that the scones Rebecca and I baked last night would have 4g of protein each?

Various sources agree that an adult female should get at least 46g of protein a day. I tend to get at least 50g/day. Rebecca and I also checked whether I was getting the important amino acids from protein, and I was. Pretty much, if you still eat dairy and eggs, you’ll be fine in that regard.

I’m still curious whether there might be a nutritional contributor to my tiredness, but I’m getting more convinced that the main culprits are physiological and occupational. I am a PhD student in the final year of her PhD. I have rheumatoid arthritis. These two things alone are enough to make anyone tired!

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