Notes and sundry

After four years of using OS Leopard, my computer has finally upgraded to Snow Leopard. (The Apple Store did it for free!) While everyone else is using Lion, I know, I’m behind the times. But Caspian is happy with his updated OS and new battery. Pretty much good as new — he might see me to the end of the PhD and beyond after all.

Last night was a mini-Fun Day Group reunion at Alamo Cafe. Good food and good friends. If it weren’t right at Christmastime, and if I were here longer, it would be great to see each other again.

IMG_7305 IMG_7312 IMG_7321_2

This afternoon, I talked my dad into cycling to the local nature reserve, Mud Creek park. We walked for about an hour and a half, enjoying the balmy 17 C / 63 F afternoon. The park was mostly deserted and we kept crossing paths with a herd of deer, and we saw a few hawks.