An evening at home. Elena left early this morning, F. was at his small group’s Christmas do, and I was left to my own devices. It was nice to have an evening to my self. While the beans for the soup were boiling, I started crafting with leaves F. had brought back from Germany ages ago and which Elena and I had gathered from around Town. (It will take a few stages, so I had to get started sometime!) I forgot how relaxing crafting is — to do a simple task, painting leaves with Modge Podge glue to preserve them.

I also forgot how relaxing singing scales is in our wonderfully echo-y kitchen, which I did while making stone soup. I sang a lot more when Ros was here, though not always when she was around, as we’d be singing over each other. It was nice to be alone in the house and not feel self-conscious about singing such a boring thing as scales…

Then I skyped with Sarah and Isaac while eating dinner, did another stage of leaf-crafting, and knit. Now, to bed early, to work more tomorrow!

(No. I’m not going to post pictures of the completed leaf crafts as they will be Christmas gifts for some people… You’ll just have to wonder what they will be. Maybe in the new year!)

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