Off the needles

Although I haven’t been reading fiction as much the past couple of months, I have been knitting. My two most recent completed projects are, I think, both functional and stylish. Warm tea and warm legs — important tasks in a Scottish winter.


Last year I always borrowed a pair of Ros’s legwarmers, so I was in need of a pair of my own. I used the pattern “I Love You Chuck Taylor” because I wanted cables and I liked the idea of a tie at the top to keep the legwarmer from falling down. Otherwise, it’s not doing its job!

For the mug cozy, I used a Twisted Fibers free pattern. I still want to make a lid and still need a tea cozy for the teapot, and then I will definitely be set up for always having warm tea…

Meanwhile, yes, this is what my desk looks like at the moment:

3 thoughts on “Off the needles

  1. Megan says:

    Love the leg warmers!! Can’t wait to see you, too. Let me know when you’ll be coming into Fort Worth. I will be back in town on the 4th at the latest because I have a class to teach the morning of the 5th. Love you.


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