Days of Rest

For the first time in a month of Sundays, I took Sunday off. I didn’t have to serve at church, I didn’t have to work at MUSA, so I went to neither. Instead, I went to F.’s where we had an amazing breakfast, followed by going to the later service at his church.

Since it had stopped raining after lunch, we cycled to Craigtoun. I don’t know really if it’s another town or village, but there’s a park next to the Duke’s Golf Course, where we wandered around. The park is pretty much abandoned in winter, left to grow wild. We pretty much had it to ourselves, just wandering the different paths, discovering crumbling, dishevelled gardens and walking around the imitation Dutch village.

(Click photos to enlarge.)

Then, because it gets dark at 4pm these days, we made our way back home, where I read a book and F. made dinner. It was a very good day. Upon F.’s insistence that I take today, Monday, off as usual as well, to ‘have a two-day weekend like everyone else’, I did. I slept in until noon, ate a leisurely breakfast/lunch, and spent the afternoon reading. I feel like I am well positioned now to go speak at PGCF on the topic of “Reflecting faith in practice: Balance, work, and leisure”.

2 thoughts on “Days of Rest

    • Chera says:

      The buildings are a reconstructed “Dutch village”. Apparently in the summer you can walk around it and take a paddle boat around the pond.


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