The Thesis Gods can be rather vengeful. I took a break this afternoon to watch a beautiful, lingering sunset (because the sun sets at 4pm these days). A rainbow glowed over the sea. The clouds shone gold and peach and pink against the brilliant sky. The sea, illuminated, reflected the sky in the still rock pools and crashed against the rocks, the foam catching the sun. But the Thesis Gods did not approve: I slipped and fell on the rocks myself. My reward for experiencing this beauty is to have a few bruises, muddy knees, and a sore pride. But the chapter is being written. My last, final, chapter of my thesis is due in December and It. Will. Be. Done. Even if I take a break to watch the sea and the sky that seemed to come out of a dream.

I just read Anne Lammott’s essay ‘The Prayer of an Unconventional Family’ on the New York Times. Such a literary upbringing and family sounds wonderful; how much more so if the family is also Christian. The best of both scenarios…

Is it only Tuesday? I’ve been forgetting which day of the week it is all week. I really want to have and evening in, to knit and read my book, but won’t have one until Saturday. It’s that time of year.

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