Be still…

Last week was a long week. It’s been a long few weeks, actually. In one way or another I’ve been constantly going. On Monday, my day off, even though I was at home I was always moving — laundry, tidying the kitchen, the lounge, my bedroom, cooking — eventually I just sat down. I almost picked up my knitting, but didn’t. I just needed to be still. It lasted about twenty minutes, before I had to get up to start dinner so we could eat it before setting up for PGCF.

So last night, after skyping with Ros, packing away Halloween and setting the lounge back to rights with Elena, and eating dinner, I just sat. Elena had gone out for the rest of the evening; I had the house to myself. A mug of pumpkin chai latte, a slice of coffee and walnut cake, the lights turned down low. I held a book but didn’t open it. I sat, treasuring the silence, letting it stretch with the ticking of the clock.

I enjoy doing everything it is that makes me busy; it is not that I want to do less. Instead, I will treasure the silences when I have them.

2 thoughts on “Be still…

  1. Sarah says:

    It is, I think, a milestone in life when we learn to treasure those moments. I am learning that myself, in the midst of running a household and raising a little boy and surviving with D gone I have learned that sometimes “me” time is just sitting and enjoying the silence of the house and letting my heart be still.


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