New-to-me bike

This past weekend I bought a bike.

I felt like such a little kid last week when I tried it out: It had been four years since I’d last ridden a bike, so there I was, semi-wobbly, with F. running alongside to make sure I didn’t fall. But I didn’t fall, and the bike met with approval, and so when my helmet arrived in the post on Saturday, I took it as a sign to pick up the bike.

The first few times I rode it, my first inclination was to veer to ride on the right side of the rode. But of course, I live in Scotland, where one drives (and rides) on the left side of the road. I think I’ve wrapped my head around that concept now. Roundabouts are still somewhat scary… I think I’m getting used to them…

My bike is purple. Also, it needs a name. I had planned on naming it after Gawain’s horse, but that’s a boy-horse’s name and I’m pretty sure my bike is a girl. Suggestions?

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