O, wailey wailey wailey!

Alas, and weylawey! Ros has left for her new life in Liverpool, leaving me housemateless until my new housemate arrives next week. Though I’ve already found a few things she (inevitably) left behind, the house is bereft of her presence. I’ve since bought a radio and a toaster to replace those which were hers. Now to motivate myself to clean the house and do other Life Admin things because it is Autumn and the Start of Term, and I’d like to start the next academic year with my life more or less in ‘order’.

But oh! Ros is gone! No more breakfast chats and domestics over the proper way to take the bin out to the road, no more dancing around each other in the kitchen and laughing at the radio presenters, no more listening to Ros practice the cello whilst I read downstairs or write away the dark nights of November. It will be quiet without Ros’s soprano filling its rooms and halls. This house, with the two of us in it for the last two years, has been our home, and it is strange to think she will not be coming back tonight or in a few days.

Instead a new person will be moving in, who is nice and I’m sure we’ll get along. New memories will be made in this quirky house with red carpet and a yellow kitchen…

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