The Faerie Glen

The Faerie Glen in Skye is a small area of conical hills and ridges formed by long-ago landslides and glaciation. It’s out near Uig in a sheep pasture. There isn’t really a prescribed walk around it (though here is a suggested route), so we just spent the day wandering around, with me climbing up as many ridges as I could.


Pictures don’t really capture the enchanting beauty of it, but I tried. Here is a sampling. (As always, click photo to enlarge.)


As you can see, there were plenty of occasions for climbing and clambering. The glen was just so green. The only sounds were that of sheep and the wind; it was so quiet that you could hear the distant waterfall across the valley.


I carried a sprig of rowan in my pocket, because one can never be too careful. And on the path to the glen there was a fence with one of the posts reverting back to nature.