Isle of Skye

For our family holiday, my parents and I went to the Isle of Skye. (I’m late posting this. I know.) We took the bus to Dundee, another bus to Perth, the train to Inverness, and a bus to Portree, on Skye. The Highlands were all green and covered with heather, wreathed with cloud and bathed in sunlight. It was raining as we arrived on Skye, and the water rushed down the hillsides, cascading waterfalls everywhere you could see. My first impression of Skye was that it is a land abundant with water.

The next day we took a short boat trip from Portree to go wildlife spotting. We saw a sea eagle and some porpoises, as well as some wonderful views.

We went for a walk after lunch. First we found a hidden waterfall, up which I clambered and found a swing…


And then we eventually made it to the Scorrybreac circuit, which may or may not have included climbing up a very steep hill. (And involved more clambering out to the Black Rock, a tidal island.)


For our second day, we went to Dunvegan Castle, home of the Chief of Clan McLeod. We spent much of the day exploring the extensive gardens around the castle, as well as the castle itself. Most of the plants in the gardens were labeled. I think our favourite tree was the Monkey Puzzle Tree, or ‘the swingy ouchy tree’, because the branches were spiky and fun to swing. (I probably wasn’t supposed to tug on the branches. But it was fun.)


Our last full day in Skye, we went to the Faerie Glen, but I’ll post about that later…

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