Summer holiday: Trieste

As promised, the Travelogue.

My friend Joanna had a conference in Trieste, a port city in Italy on the Slovenian and Croatian border. I joined her in Trieste on the last day of her conference, arriving from London in mid-afternoon. It was so hot that the first thing I did was drop my things off at the hotel and change into a skirt, t-shirt, and flip flops. I was on holiday!

In our afternoon in Trieste, we decided to go to the Castle of San Giusto. On our way there, we passed through the Parco della Remembranza, one of the most fascinating World War memorials I’ve seen. Instead of being a single monument, the memorial was a park, an entire landscape. Scattered among the trees and underbrush, between paths, were large, uncut stones, with the names of the fallen.

There wasn’t too much to see in the castle itself, beyond the armoury and a really cool, if somewhat random, exhibit on carved gemstones. But the castle was high in the city and offered a beautiful view of the city and the harbour. On one of the towers where the battery used to be were chairs with very large blue cushions, where we sat and looked out to sea and enjoyed the sunshine.

We left the castle when it closed, which meant most other things were closed as well, so we wandered down to the harbour, eventually reaching the Piazza Unità.

The sea was so warm and so refreshing. We watched the sun set over the sea — the second time only in my life I think I have been positioned facing west while standing on the shore at sunset — which we would do a few more times during the course of our holiday.

Thus ended Day 1 of our summer holiday and our time in Italy. Tomorrow: Croatia!

One thought on “Summer holiday: Trieste

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I miss the quiet atmosphere of those sorts of cities after a certain time of day…when places are closed but for restaurants and people just enjoy the evening


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