Favourite things

Miss Broccoli:

Broccoli is a lovely calico who lives in a garden near my house. Her owner lived in a collection of flats, and though he passed away some time ago, some of the other tenants have been taking care of her. I’ve chatted with a few of the tenants and I’ve long since stopped caring about being known as that crazy cat lady who sometimes sits in the garden petting the cat. Broccoli recognises me now, and comes when I stand by the hedge and call for her.

And, in a less dignified position:

She likes her belly to be rubbed. 🙂 Some people refer to their cats as being ‘indoor’, ‘outdoor’, or ‘indoor/outdoor’. I like to think that Broccoli thinks of me as one of her ‘outdoor’ humans.

Someday, someday, I will have my own cat(s). Until then, I am happy for Broccoli, Miss Kitty, and Yoki and his brother as my feline friends.

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