Prometheus’s fire

Early in the morning, the sun rose, and shortly after, so did the town. Walking in at 6AM, three hours earlier than normal, the town was waking when it would otherwise be asleep. Queen’s Gardens was still quiet; South Street, a little less so. By the time I made it to North Street all was hustle and bustle as I and a few hundred others were ushered into St Salvators Quad. The Olympic Torch was coming.

Preceded by a relay race run by school children from the different primary schools in town, by a speech from the University Vice-Chancellor and town Provost, the torch that has been touring Great Britain came into view. All watched as it was lit with fire from a Fife miner’s lamp and cheered when it was held aloft.

The torchbearer then ran around the Quad and left through the chapel archway to the peal of St Salvators’ bells — ringing a peal specially composed for the occasion. The torch then ran up North Street and down South Street and on to the rest of Fife.

I had a ticket to get into the Quad for the lighting ceremony thanks to my job at the museum. I’m glad I went — it was a chance to participate ever so slightly in a bit of history.

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