Favourite things

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Castle:

Though, considering the setting, perhaps would have more aptly been titled, A Midwinter Night’s Dream? Temperature: 53 F/12 C (‘Feels Like’ 48 F/9 C); misty, drizzly, rainy; 20mph NNE wind, with 35mph gusts. Yes, this is Scotland in summer.

Even so, the play was thoroughly enjoyable. As a medieval fairyologist, I do tend to be annoyed with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, because it was Shakespeare who made fairies small and gave them names like Cobweb and Peasblossom, but I can’t help but love Puck. (He is related to the Pooka, after all.) Puck was wonderful and camp and Scottish and played the violin. The picture above was taken just before Oberon (far right) woke Titania (on the steps with Bottom) and removed the love spell that had made her fall in love with a mortal (and a donkey).

Tomorrow I am going to see Romeo & Juliet performed by the same actors, in the same setting. With any luck it will be less wet, but at least I will be prepared!