A few happy things

May continues to refuse to be spring. My PhD work is currently leading me through a muddy, muggy swamp. To counter these disheartening things, I am remembering little things that make me happy.

Like tea.

Like singing.

Like making jam. (More on this in another post.)

Like talking with kitties — even if they aren’t my own.

Like reading good books.

Like gardening. I’ve cleaned up my flower patch in the back and transplanted the violas from the front garden to the back — the front garden gets too much sun and they needed rescuing.

Like clothes hanging on a line on a rare sunny day.

Like knitting — even if the hat I’m making might be too small for me.

Like having a clean, tidy house. (This one is harder to maintain.)

Remembering to do some of these things, making time to do things that make me happy, is key to emerging from the swamp with my sanity intact and healthy. Some things I’m better at making time for than others… but every little bit helps.

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